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Tsinghua School

9 Legacy Landing SE

Calgary, AB T2X2E5


School Email: tsinghua.school@yahoo.ca  


Contact phones:  

403-383-6703     Tsinghua School for Students' Registration etc.

403-397-8289      Principal, Allan Dong


Please write to us and your feedbacks are more than welcome ! 欢迎家长朋友向我们提供宝贵意见!

Parents' feedbacks to Principal:  allan.dong@ctcschool.ca


上课时间 1:周日,下午1PM - 5PM

上课地址 : 西南校区/SW Campus

Robert Warren School (Google Map)

12424 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary AB T2W 1H2


上课时间 2:周六,上午 9AM - 下午3PM

上课地址 : 西北校区/NW Campus

Valley Creek School (Google Map) 

10951 Hidden Valley Dr. NW, Calgary, AB T3A 6J2


上课时间 3:周一至周五课程 下午3PM - 晚上9PM

上课地址: 东南区/South Campus

Calgary Olympic Math & Computer School (Google Map)
9 Legacy Landing SE,
Calgary, AB T2G 2E5

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